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Hungry Frog Software for Windows Installation Process

Installing Hungry Frog Spanish Software from CD-ROM

Insert your Hungry Frog Spanish language software CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive and wait for it to spin up. Navigate the CD-ROM directory with Windows Explorer and find the items shown in the screen capture below.

HungryFrog Folder - items you may need if you want to run v4.3 software

Win98 Folder - contains v4.3 software for old Windows Operating Systems and older computers

ReadMe.txt File - read this file, as it may have information specific to your CD-ROM installation

Hungry_Frog_Install.msi package - this is the Microsoft Installer data package used by the installer

setup.exe - the installer application file you will need to run

Note: Follow this Hungry Frog Spanish Software v4.3 LINK if you want to only run the v4.3 software and not continue with the installation.

Installing from CD-ROM for Spanish homeschool Spanish programs and K-12 Spanish classroom Spanish instruction | Installing software | Setup.exe file location

Place the mouse over the 'setup.exe' icon and right click to bring up the pop up menu and select 'Open' from the available choices. This will start the installer for you.

How to install Spanish language software program to teach Spanish in homeschool Spanish courses and K-12 Spanish courses | Spanish software installation from CD-ROM | Running setup.exe install file

The Windows Installer dialog opens. Click the 'Next' button to start the actual installation process which places the Hungry Frog software files on your computer. The installer will install both the newest version of Hungry Frog software on the CD-ROM and also the v4.3 software. Read the manuals in the Win98 folder on the CD or on-line at the hungryfrog.com website for instructions on v4.3 software. You will also want to copy sound files to your computer hard drive for the v4.3 software - ONLY for v4.3 software.

How to install Spanish lesson learning software from CD-ROM for homeschool Spanish courses and K-12 computer labs | Spanish software install screen

The installer then prompts for a location for software installation. Use the default installation folder as show in the screen capture. If you must install the software in a different location or on a different hard drive, when the program first runs it will ask you to locate the directory you selected in this step. If you change this directory from the default directory, please make a note of it so that you can provide it when the software prompts during the first time it starts up. If your C: drive has no space, for example, you may need to install software onto a different drive. Click the 'Next' button to continue with the installation.

Install screen | Install Spanish software to teach Spanish language vocabulary in homeschool Spanish programs and K-12 Spanish lessons

You have a change now to go back and modify your installation target folder, or continue with the installation. Click 'Next' to continue with the installation.

Confirm Installation | Install Spanish software teaching Spanish in homeschool Spanish programs and K-12 Spanish courses

The installation starts. You have the option to Cancel. Installation should take place quickly.

Spanish software install screen | Install Spanish software teaching Spanish homeschool lesson plans and K-12 Spanish vocabulary lessons

Installation is now complete for the Hungry Frog Software. The newer software uses features of Microsoft .NET framework. The Windows Installer prompts you to use Windows Update to make sure your .NET (and other Windows Operating System Components) is up to date. You should always keep your computer up to date with Microsoft Update as Microsoft provides very important security fixes to their software all the time and you want to be current. Run Windows Update to make sure your computer operating system is up to date. If you do not have Microsoft .NET framework installed on your computer, visit microsoft.com

Verify Microsoft .NET is up to date.

The installer has placed two shortcuts on your desktop. One is to the v4.3 software if you want to run the older software program version. The second is to the new software version. In the screen capture the program installed is Hungry Frog Spanish. Depending upon the exact program version and learning topic, your shortcut names may be slightly different. You can run the programs by double clicking on these shortcuts, or you can copy or move them on your computer.

Shortcuts to installed Spanish software programs | Spanish for homeschool Spanish courses and K-12 Spanish teachers

The installer has also placed shortcuts to both software versions into your 'Start Menu' in your system tray. To access your start menu, click on the 'Start' button and select 'All Programs' and then look for the Hungry Frog items corresponding to the programs you purchased and which were installed from your CD-ROM.

Start menu for Spanish software | Run Spanish software programs to teach homeschool Spanish courses and K-12 Spanish courses

The Hungry Frog Start Menu items (will depend upon your software learning topic and version):

Spanish software program start menu | Teach Spanish language vocabular using your own Spanish dictionary or the Spanish software Spanish dictionary



Either by double clicking on the shortcut, or by choosing the Hungry Frog program from the 'Start Menu', now run the game program for the first time. This will allow the program to copy essential items from the CD-ROM and set up its preferences and start-up settings on your computer. These files include recorded Spanish language words and Spanish phrases spoken aloud with expert Spanish pronunciation - an important component of the software.

The program will copy files from the CD-ROM:

Spanish pronunciation Spanish word files copied from the CD-ROM | Spanish pronunciation helps your Spanish homeschool program and teaching Spanish in schools

Provide a status dialog showing copying and verifying progress:

Hearing correct Spanish pronunciation is vital to your students learning Spanish pronunciation in school and homeschool Spanish programs.

Prompt for installing its preferences files on your computer:

Spanish dictionary and Spanish word files must be set up. Spanish pronunciation is vital to learning Spanish for the Spanish students you teach in your Homeschool Spanish programs and in K-12 Spanish school classroom Spanish lessons.


Depending upon whether there are content updates available on-line (and whether you have an active internet connection) the software may at this time download additional content such as new graphics or sounds for the game. This is not the same as a version upgrade or update. Checking for version updates and turning on or off the internet connectivity of the software is described in the Advanced Options section of the manual pages. There is no information FROM your computer transmitted over the internet. The program is ONLY loading image files or sound files if new ones are available at the hungryfrog.com web site.

Loading new Spanish language software program content from the web. New content updates ensure that your Spanish homeschool program or computer lab Spanish software is up to date and fun for your Spanish students to learn Spanish.


Finally, you will br prompted to select which built-in dictionary (or game type) to use. Depending upon which software program or programs you have purchased, you will be presented with a variety of choices. You can change at any time when the program is running, so this is not a binding choice. This is merely the starting choice for the first time the program is run. Changing these settings are part of the Dictionary Editor described in the Teacher Menu pages.

Spanish language software and Spanish language software are just two of the many language software programs available for your Homeschool language program or school classroom Spanish course.

Final note: Homeschool Spanish programs or K-12 Computer Labs running software over a network

Follow the instructions to install the Hungry Frog Spanish language software program from CD-ROM onto your network accessible computer. Students and Spanish teachers can run the program by selecting the application file over the network. Preferences and data files are stored on the networked PC. If you encounter problems running over a network in your Homeschool Spanish teaching environment or classroom setting please email sales(at)hungryfrog.com for support.

Hungryfrog Education Software
Online Program Tips

Hungryfrog Education Software new game design: Tongue Bonus

Part of the new Hungryfrog education software program game design: Tongue Bonus Bugs are great things, but it is important to understand how they work to get the most out of them. You can then devise your own strategies and see which give you the most points overall at game end.

When do I lose my tongue bonus? Once you have a good fat, wide tongue, you don't want to lose it. You lose the entire Tongue Bonus for any frog if that frog makes a wrong attempt to eat a bug (if your frog fails to match the English definition bug to its Latin dictionary Latin word English definition list). If that happens, not only does that frog lose his entire Tongue Bonus, but every other frog at that level also loses part of their Tongue Bonus. In other words, once you have a nice big fat tongued frog or two, you want to be extra careful about what you eat, or you will lose the bonus. This isn't the end of the world however, as you also have all your frog tongues start again at the narrowest width at the start of each new level. This does make the Tongue Bonus bugs really really important at very high levels where you can get a huge score if you can get some early Tongue Bonus bugs eaten and then keep them for the entire level - later levels take a lot longer to finish, so you have a lot of English definition bugs to eat.

Hungryfrog User Community

Participate in the Hungry Frog Education Software User Community to share your lessons and ideas with others and to report program bugs and suggest improvements to the PC computer software and the free Java applets at the web site.

Running and Installing Hungry Frog v4.3 Software from the new version CD-ROM

The Hungry Frog CD-ROM contains the Hungry Frog v4.3 software as well. It is located in the Win98 folder (see the screen shot at the top of the page). Detailed manuals in html are in the Win98 folder and will also remain on-line at the HungryFrog.com website. You will want to follow the directions in the manuals for the v4.3 software for information on game play and setup. You can import v4.3 lesson files into the newer software, which is explained in more detail in the new manuals.

To run v4.3 software you will want to copy the sound files from the CD-ROM onto your computer manually - if you have not already installed the newer software. The old software did not automatically install sound files onto your computer, but it it highly recommended that you do so for the older software as it improves reliablity and makes the programs more responsive.

To copy the sound files for v4.3 software follow the example (show here for Hungry Frog Spanish Software program) below:

First, locate the sounds folder for the game you have purchased (in this case Hungry Frog Spanish), select all of the files in the directory, and then choose 'Copy' to copy the entire contents of the sound file folder for the game you own, as in the following screen capture.

Spanish pronunciation Spanish word sound files must be copied so you can hear Spanish words and Spanish phrases with proper Spanish pronunciation.

Second, navigate to the 'HungryFrog\Spanish\data\wav' directory on your C: drive and paste all of the sound files into the 'wav' directory. This will enable your software to run faster and more efficiently. It is only for v4.3 or older Hungry Frog programs. V4.3 is included on the CD-ROM.

Using the spoken Spanish language sound recordings ensures your Spanish students learn Spanish pronunciation which is correct in homeschool Spanish programs and high school Spanish classes.

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