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Learn Spanish Dictionary Words mini movie

Just above this text should be the main navigation frame for the on-line help and program manuals. If this frame is not displayed, follow the linked text at the bottom of the page to make the frames appear in your browswer window and give you access to all the Hungry Frog Spanish language software manual and help pages. At any time you can click on any of the links in the header frame to navigate to a new section in the on-line manuals. You may also use your browser 'back' or 'forward' buttons to move around to view pages you have already seen. This manual is based upon the Hungry Frog Spanish language software program specifically, but it applies equally to all the Hungry Frog language software programs such as Hungry Frog Homeric Greek language software. Some of the pages describing the Hungry Frog Spanish language software have some large images or animated gif images which describe how the game works or show examples of game play. If you have a slow internet connection, you may find that some of the images are slow to load. You should still be able to read all of the text on all of the pages while the images are loading, so if you are having this problem just continue to read on while the supporting graphics for the page load in the background.


No sounds are recorded with movies - and no sounds are played back with movies on these pages. All screen captures and movies of the Hungry Frog Spanish software program are recorded using the game's 'Screen Capture' feature which lets you save a stream of still JPGs from the game as it plays. The image quality is degraded by being compressed as a JPG file - for the still shots. For the movies you see on this web site, the JPG images have been converted to animated gifs which severely degrade the color fidelity and image details even further. We do this to make the files as small as we can but still be helpful aids to explain how the game works. The actual game screens are completely different in image quality. We also cut quite a few frames out to make the movies smaller, so game play often appears jerky and stuttering in the movies. It may also appear this way if your browser is slow to download or inefficient in the image display. All this is a compromise to help enable the web site to provide the very helpful animations - in spite of the drawbacks of compressing the images to reduce their size for download to your browser.

Hungryfrog Education Software
Online Program Tips

Hungryfrog Education Software new game design: Tongue Bonus

Part of the new Hungryfrog education software program game design: Tongue Bonus Bugs are great things, but it is important to understand how they work to get the most out of them. You can then devise your own strategies and see which give you the most points overall at game end.

When do I lose my tongue bonus? Once you have a good fat, wide tongue, you don't want to lose it. You lose the entire Tongue Bonus for any frog if that frog makes a wrong attempt to eat a bug (if your frog fails to match the English definition bug to its Latin dictionary Latin word English definition list). If that happens, not only does that frog lose his entire Tongue Bonus, but every other frog at that level also loses part of their Tongue Bonus. In other words, once you have a nice big fat tongued frog or two, you want to be extra careful about what you eat, or you will lose the bonus. This isn't the end of the world however, as you also have all your frog tongues start again at the narrowest width at the start of each new level. This does make the Tongue Bonus bugs really really important at very high levels where you can get a huge score if you can get some early Tongue Bonus bugs eaten and then keep them for the entire level - later levels take a lot longer to finish, so you have a lot of English definition bugs to eat.

Hungryfrog User Community

Participate in the Hungry Frog Education Software User Community to share your lessons and ideas with others and to report program bugs and suggest improvements to the PC computer software and the free Java applets at the web site.


Most animations on these pages are sequential screen captures compiled together to create animated gifs for the web. These animations are like movies but do not have any audio and have no video controls. While there are no controls to stop and start the animations in these pages, in most browsers all you need to do to pause the animations is to click anywhere in the vertical or horizontal scroll bar for the frame which contains the animation. If you want to freeze an animation on a frame, try clicking on the vertical scroll bar next to the animation.


Please report any problems with software and direct your questions to: sales(at)hungryfrog.com


Images are slow to load - your browser should load images in the background, so just keep reading the manual text while the background graphics load.

My browser window is too narrow to display images fully - if you are running a small screen such as a laptop screen and are having trouble seeing some of the widest images because of a frame on the left side of this page (depending upon how you arrived here there may be a frame displayed) - click HERE to change this browser window to a view of this manual without that frame displayed.

Movies play too fast - try clicking in the scroll bar for frame in which the animation is playing in your browser window to pause an animation or movie.

Movies have no sound - movies are created by compiling sequential screen captures using the game's built in 'screen capture' feature and do NOT record audio from the game, so they have no audio when they play back.

Images quality is bad - we compressed all the images and movies for display on the web which often makes images look bad, but it gives reasonable download times as a consequence.

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